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About Lantabrand




Lantabrand - Total Brand Solutions is a well-known company specializing in building & developing Brand. We offer a full service in brand strategy, brand naming, logo & packaging designing and brand communications. Lantabrand works as a brand manager assisting your business to plan brand strategy, carry out brand communications, train staffs and accompany with you to build a successful brand.


Lantabrand helps increase brand value through following services: brand manager for hire, brand naming and designing, brand strategy planning, brand consulting for products, services & cooperations, digital branding & internal brand management.


Most of our customers are companies and cooperations of different businesses: Elovi (milk & noutritional products), Vinacontrol (inspection services), Secoin (building materials, technology transfer), Zenta (coffee & hot pot restaurant), Cat Dang (coffee, bar & restaurant ), Cremona (deluxe café & restaurants), Yvery (cosmetics & fashion, France), Wilsonart (home decorative materials, USA), Thai Bao Tea ( Tea & nutritional foods), ect.


Our Commitment


To us, building a successful brand for our customer is as crucial as bringing success to our own business.


Our Values

Lead in idea
Active in Solutions

on-stop Innovation
Timely Execution
Always Commitment




1. Brand Manager For Hire


Lantabrand plays a role as a customer's official brand manager, having a full responsibility about brand management, work together with other departments to build and develop brand. This type of service is suitable for business wishing to form a professional marketing and brand managing department with an affordable budget.


Hired brand manager doesn't operate alone, on the other hand, is supported by other brand managers, media specialists and designers to build your brands.


Primary responsibilities of a brand manager include:

- Building brand foundation

- Brand Positioning

- Brand Communications

- Planning and launching new products

- Recruiting and training brand managing staff, establishing a professional marketing and brand managing department                    

- Brand evaluation.



2. Brand naming and designing


Brand naming and designing is the most important step in buiding brand. Not only the logo itself,  Lantabrand also sets up a strategy for a long-term brand development. The close coordination between our creative artists and brand managers will ensure your business a completely successful brand.


The services include:

- Brand naming

- Logo and corporate identity profile Design

- Packaging design

- Corporate design (brochure, annual report, shareholder report...) 

3. Brand consultancy


An important thing that always worries any companies looking for a brand consultancy is whether the model recommended by the consultants is suitable for company's current budget? A small or medium-sized business definitedly won't fit the brand model designed for a large corporation whose investment for market research or advertisement may reach hundreds of thousands of USD. Understanding this concern, Lantabrand will provide effective brand solutions suitable for your company's budget, target market as well as business orientation.


Lantabrand offers consulting services with prices suitable for any of your businesses. Our services include:

- Product Branding
- Corporate Branding
- Service Branding
- Franchising

- Brand Merge & Acquisition.

 4. Digital Branding


Internet era has helped numerous brands get closer to their customers around the world. As a matter of fact, internet has created a new look in brand art and science. A brand to be successful in an information technology environment should create a distinction and a close relationship with its customers right on their own computers.


Lantabrand specialists and brand designers will work with customers, toghether create websites and other online communication forms in order to introduce their brand into consumers just by a mouse click. An effective website showing brand identity, a concise content & proper online marketing strategies will help your brand become familiar with customers and make it value added. 


5. Building an Internal brand managing system & process


To build a successful brand requires a great persistence & efforts of the whole internal staff. The highest manager will be the leader in building and developing brand. Moreover, there should be a detailed managing process with criteria, employment & specific budget to help brand management become totally united. Lantabrand has helped many companies and large cooperations build a perfect process of internal brand management & development suitable for their dimensions and types (similar to ISO managing process).


The services include:

- Establishing brand handbook (instructing detailed brand managing process)

- Establishing brand culture.

- Internal brand communications




23 Phung Khac Khoan St., Dist.1, HCMC

Phone : (84-8) 3 502 1816


Or please contact our Senior Brand Manager directly


Mr Hồ Tiến Sỹ

Mobile: +84 (0) 90 937 29 69


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