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Retailing Management
Cập nhật 25-8-2006 13:05

Tác giả                          : Michael Levy- Barton A. Weitz

Số trang                        : 688 trang

Năm xuất bản                : 2006

Nhà xuất bản                 : Mc Graw – Hill

Retailing Management by Levy and Weitz is the best-selling textbook in the retailing market.


Known for its strategic look at retailing and current coverage, this new 6th edition continues to be organized around a model of strategic decision-making.

One of the major advantages of the Levy/Weitz approach is the text’s readability, organization, and its emphasis on how students can come to grips with real retailing issues and be able to solve problems.


The text’s logical organization around a decision-making process allows readers to learn about the process of strategic decisions first before moving on to decision implementation. The implementation decisions are broken down into merchandise management decisions and store management decisions, just as they would be in a real retailing setting.


The text provides a balanced treatment of strategic, “how to,” and conceptual material, in a highly readable and interesting format. The sixth edition continues its cutting edge coverage on the latest topics and developments in retailing including globalization, customer relationship management programs, multi-channel retailing, supply chain management, and the use of the Internet to improve operating efficiencies and customer service. Students indicate that this text is a “good read” because of the numerous examples of retailers, their practices, the interesting retail facts in the margins, and eye catching design and layout.

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